Let me introduce myself :

I have a keen interest in discovering and understanding cultures. I travelled a lot in Europe and wish to enlarge my knowledge of the World diversity.
I speak French, English, German. I am currently learning Japanese.

Travels as well as the enormous amount of movies, books, video games and theater plays I enjoy discovering, enrich my imagination turning my vivid yet rational mind into a nest of diverse universes.

My engineering degree in computer science ensure my technical understanding of game making processes. I studied video game creation and conception in Glyndwr University (UK) as an Erasmus student in 2017/2018. My studies allowed me to work as an intern for Mi-Clos Studio (Lyon) in 2018 and for Hiver Prod (Paris) in 2019.

Here is a list of projects I worked on as an intern :

Mi-Clos Studio

Sigma Theory
Out There Ω The Alliance

Hiver Prod

L'Histoire d'un Roi
Projet Titans

During those internships I learned a lot about project management and team communication. I was asked to work on various tasks involving narrative / level / gameplay design, programming, prototyping and overall, finding innovative and creative solutions for game creation and conception issues.

As freelancer, I worked again for Mi-clos Studio. I have been working for several month on a video game project led by Amandine Piguel and financed by the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research).

Other Projects involving Game Design