About me

I have a keen interest in discovering and understanding cultures. I travel a lot in Europe and wish to broaden my knowledge of the World diversity. In 2020 I spent twelve months backpacking through Japan to gather inspirations and fresh design ideas.
I speak French, English, a little German and am currently learning Japanese.

In addition to travels, I enjoy discovering a wide variety of movies, books, video games and theater plays. They help me enrich my imagination turning my vivid yet rational mind into a nest of diverse universes.

Studying video game creation and conception at Glyndwr University (UK) as an Erasmus student in addition to my engineering degree in computer science ensures my technical understanding of game making processes.

About my work

3+ years - ongoing

  • Regular Clients:
  • Most of my freelance work is under strict NDA. Most projects are still in production.
    Perks: Narrative Design, Game Design, Level Design, FTUE and Tutorials, Prototyping

Mi-Clos Studio
1+ year

Lead Game and Narrative Designer
  • Out There: Oceans of Time - shipped
    End of production + post launch Redshift update
    Perks: Game and Narrative Design, Team Managment, Recruitment, Project Managment
  • Unannouced projects
    Ideation, preconception and conception stages
    Perks: Game and Narrative Design, Research and Development, Team Managment, Project Managment
  • Hiver Prod
    6 months


    Mi-Clos Studio
    3 months

  • During those internships I worked on 5 games that have since been shipped and several unannouced projects.
    I learned a lot about project management and team communication. I was asked to work on various tasks involving Narrative / Level / Gameplay Design, programming, prototyping and overall, finding innovative and creative solutions for game creation and conception issues.